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My Stream


Online Hours

I'm trying to get a set time
that I will be online,
I maybe online out side these times
if I have free time.

More information about my stream.

I will try to stream when I can and try to stick to the times a stated. with offline life and work I do not have must free time and will have more free time during different parts of the year.

I will have most of my free time on Friday and Saturday night. When I get time off from my Day job I will try to stream. I will post on my FaceBook Page once I know when I have free time.


I will have giveaways now and then. It will be mostly be $5 and $10 Microsoft dollars, but sometimes have other things. To get a prize you MUST be a follower and be in the chat at the time of the giveaway to when.

+18 Stream

I set my stream to be +18 due to there are things in games that I may not know of that may pop up and boom I'm in trouble or a word my slip or be said. So, to play it safe I just make the stream +18.

Tips and Donations

Tips and Donations are welcome. The money will be use to help keep the stream live and kicking. You can give a Tip or Donation here.


I am only streaming live on Mixer. I will post some recoded or edited videos on my FaceBook page and my Youtube page.


My Work Space



Come to stream and chat with me. Help me out or ask me to do or try something in the game.


If you have the same game and want to join the game I'm playing just let me know. I have no problem playing with others

My Game Plan

LOL...I do not have any type of plan. I play what I feel like at that moment and I play how I feel. If I feel bored or something I will just run off and do whatever. Or I may spend hours just trying to get down one thing or an achievement.