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About me

The truth is that I stream becouse...why not.. I already had everything I need to do it and the last eight years there has been a big boom in streaming. What really push me to start was a video that I seen called twitch famous within 30 days.


I wanted to see what it took and how hard it was to get running. Well the video was a lie...well unless you have a big company backing you like in that video.


I mainly stream now to have fun. I am not in it o make money for fame. I'm doing it to have fun.

Blog...or VBlog.

I made a few video blogs and put them on YouTube on my first few weeks on getting going. I compared what I had to do to get going and where I was each week to the videos I have seen on streaming. This is way harder then any YouTube video will tell you. You really need to put a lot of work into it. Depending on your paltform you want to be on is how much work you going to be putting in. If you are just wanting to stream on just Twitch or Mixer or Facebook there is still a lot of work you need to do to stand out.

Now you if want to be YouTube you will have even more work you will need to do and learn. Video editing it not easy or really fast to do. Most peoplpe who are on YouTube are called Content Creatos. Most Content Creators will spend one to two days just editing their videos to pust on YouTube. If you look at my video blogs I talk about video editing and how it is not easy.

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