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Why Stream ?

I have fun gaming and thought why not, lets give it a shot. And did you know you can make money from it too? I do not proclaim that I'm pro gamer or streamer...I'm more like a another target or pawn. I do it just to have fun and if I make any money from it that's just the cherry on top.

Do you stream with a PC OR Xbox ?

Well...I use both, I have a Xbox hooked up to my PC. I recently built a new PC knowing that I'm going to stream from it. I put in a Elgato HD60 Pro capture card in and hooked my Xbox up to it. I stream out on Mixer using Streamlabs.

You just need to come over to my Mixer channel. From there you can Watch, Follow me, Chat with me and with others, and give me a tip or donate ($$$) to help me out.
It is fun! How to get started is easy. If you are on Xbox, you will need to make your account on Mixer and link your Microft account. Now just Press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the guide and go down to the broadcast icon. Select broadcast your game and enter a title. Setup your options and select start broadcast. And BOOM your Streaming!
Well if you figure that out let me know...I'm always trying to up my game. All I can tell you is what I know and doing. I built myself a new PC to help me do more with my streams. Like to put overlays and other things to spice it up. I am using Streamlabs on my PC for that overlays and other things. I found a site that covers a lot and a very good place to start. I know it mainly talked about Twitch but Twitch has been around longer and this can be used for Mixer as well. If you Google or on YouTube search for streaming tips you will find a lot of pointers out there.
I'm using Streamlabs OBS. Streamlabs is one of the most popular streamer tools around, whether you're on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube. It offers a whole host of services, including overlays, donation management, custom notifications and so much more.
Well...You can BUT it will take time and a lot of work and did I say a lot of time. There's a video that shows a guy in 30days start making good money off of streaming. Well...Don't go by this. This person had BBC backing him and he also got to stream with some big name streamers to get out there more. It's going to take like about 1 year to 2 years to make or see anything, but don't give up. Even if you dont see any viewers. It will take time.
I know Amazon's Twitch is bigger than Microsoft's Mixer, but I think that Mixer has more support for the little person then Twitch. Twitch is so big in order to be noticed you on Twitch you have to have a lot of followers to show up near the top of the lists. So if your starting out it will be really hard to noticed. Mixer is not like that, they have things like the Hype Zone that will let a day old streamer get noticed.
I going to try. I will try to take some of my recording from Mixer and post them. Once I get better at all them I will take to make just YouTube videos like how to's and so on.
Well...Most of the popular games are mostly PVP. I'm raelly not into those types of games. I may get a wild hair and give it try but I love Skyrim or Fallout type of games. I know they are not much fun to watch but you really have not seen me play. I'll do and try some crazy things.
As of right now I will mainly only stream on my Xbox, but I will stream something from the PC or somwthing else now an then.
Sure I will. Just reach out to me in Mixer or my FaceBook Page.
Sure I will. Just reach out to me in Mixer or my FaceBook Page. I will follow for a follow.